First National Livestock and Environment Congress

Nuevo Carnic has the privilege to organized the First Livestock and Environment Congress in Nicaragua, with the support & participation of important national organizations, such as Centro Humboldt, the Nicaraguan Bovine Meat Export Plants Chamber (Canicarne) and Young Environmentalists.


The congress was scheduled on February 23rd and 24th at the Matagalpa City, with the participation of more than 90 cattle ranchers from different country departments. “For Nuevo Carnic, promoting sustainable livestock initiative is essential, therefore, we have joined forces with entities that work for the environment to develop this first congress,” said José Daniel Nuñez, Nuevo Carnic – General Manager.


During the event relevant issues for the country’s livestock industry were presented, one of them was the establishment of silvopastoral systems, to combine trees, pasture and livestock, which improves the conservation of soil and water sources, provides more shade to animals and protects biodiversity. Additionally, the importance of carbon sequestration was addressed, having initiative action plans to developed plantations and forests programs inside the cattle rancher farms.


“We take care the trees areas to have a silvopastoral system combined with rotational grazing on my farm. Living with nature is enjoyable, because the grass sprouts more, also my farm has softer soils, this is due to the accumulation of natural organic matter that has been achieved over the years, we have an area where Caoba trees, Cedro Real trees, Guanacaste trees and Carao trees were planted to have harmony with the environment,” said Martín Palacios, Ganadería San Francisco Owner from the Jinotega Department.


In addition to sharing experiences and good environmental producer practices, the congress featured presentations on water harvesting, use of renewable energies and reforestation. Actions were carried out by the National Livestock Nicaragua Commission (Conagan) and the Livestock Nicaragua Associations Federation (Faganic) presented and promoted the sustainable livestock production.


Livestock represents a fundamental column for global and national food security, since it provides meat and milk to the population, food with valuable nutrients, for which developing this industry with more efficient practices and without damaging the environment is a priority.


Nuevo Carnic is a Nicaraguan bovine meat export plant with more than 60 years of experience in the meat and derivatives production. It has a Comprehensive Environmental Policy to promote sustainable development and respect for the environment. www.nuevocarnic.com.ni