The commitment to sustainability is evidenced at Nuevo Carnic trough actions that protect the environment. Nuevo Carnic has an Environmental Policy that promotes respect for the environment, being a company committed to sustainable development, we have invested in projects that seek to protect nature.

We work hard to ensure animal welfare at all times, from cattle farms to the industrialization process. Under the Bovine Traceability system, we ensure that cattle farms are located outside protected areas or indigenous territories, promoting sustainable livestock farming with silvopastoral systems.

It is essential for Nuevo Carnic to create an environmental awareness, thinking about the quality of life of the present and future generations.

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wastewater Treatment Plant - Nicaragua and beef

Wastewater Treatment Plant

At Nuevo Carnic we are highly committed to caring for water resources, which is why we have invested $3.6 million in a wastewater treatment plant

Reforestation Program
Reforestation Program - Nicaraguan beef

Reforestation Program

In the last 3 years we have planted more than 10,000 trees to compensate for the impacts caused by the country’s agricultural sector.

Renewable Energy
Solar Energy - Sustainability Nicaraguan beef

Renewable Energy

Our solar park generates 1.4 MW of energy per day, which represents 20% of the energy consumed in the company, reducing our carbon footprint.

Solid waste management
Organic Fertilizer plant - Nicaragua and beef

Solid waste management

Nuevo Carnic’s increased commitment to the environment is also reflected in our management of organic solid waste.

Managament of Hazardous waste
Managament of Hazardous waste icon

Managament of Hazardous waste

Nuevo Carnic has a warehouse for the responsible and temporary storage of hazardous wastes such as fluorescent tubes, agrochemical containers, batteries, and used tires. 

Managament of Hazardous waste - Polines
Hazardous waste - icons

Recycling program

Part of our sustainability program is the management of solid waste, the separation of cardboard, paper, rubber, scrap, plastic, electronic waste and glass.

Feedlot - Protecting our environment / Nicaragua and beef


Intensive livestock system whit high quality pens, maximizing the use of our own land.

Nuevo Carnic is a Nicaraguan company founded in 1962, specialized in the production of bovine meat, exporting the best beef products to more than 15 countries such as The United States, Japan, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Spain, El Salvador, Costa Rica and New Zealand.; member of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Beef Exporters (CANICARNE).

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