Purchase Procedure

Suppliers should get into contact with our livestock manager (Francisco Velásquez, cell phone 8881 3345) or with the authorized scheduler (collector), who will take the rancher’s information and guide them through the necessary requirements to proceed with the purchase and schedule an appointment for delivery.

Take note of legal requirements such as a bill of sale and GUMA (Spanish abbreviation, Unique Animal Movement Guide), with the name of the supplier and Nuevo Carnic. All relevant documents must be correctly filled out and stamped by the entity (National Police) verifying the transfer.


Cattle Requirements

  • Cattle must weigh more than 330 kg.
  • Please do not send pregnant cows close to calving.
  • Do not send sick animals, animals with wounds, or animals that are lame.
  • Ranchers must ensure adequate transportation for livestock.
  • Cattle must be transported during the afternoon.
  • During loading, transport, and unloading, ranchers should not subject cattle to stress by electrically shocking them, hitting them, or shouting.

Hours of operation

Monday to Saturday:

– Weighing and slaughtering: From 5:30 am – 11: am & 12:00 pm until the end of the slaughter.

– Withdrawal of advance payment check or cancellation: From 10: 00 am – 12:00 & 1:30 – 3:00 pm

Sunday to Friday:

– Livestock delivery: From 12:00 am to 8: pm

– Livestock schedule: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

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