Nuevo Carnic was part of the 4th Festival de Asados

Cuts, food pairing and tradition was the Masterclass offered by Nuevo Carnic at the 4thFestival de Asados, organized by SINSA, on March 26th and 27th of the present year. Chef John Corea, Chef Adalberto Marinelich and our Meat Sommelier, William Torrez presented the best and ideals grilled bone-in cuts. Some Masterclass recipe was made with beer, which is an excellent pairing for skillet recipe.

At the Nuevo Carnic stand, bone-in cuts were tasted both days. Such as T Bone, Porterhouse, Tomahawk, Prime Rib, Back Ribs, New York Bone In and Grilled Sausages. In addition, spectacular recipes were made with Chorizo Criollo (Creole Sausages), the most recent product launched by Nuevo Carnic in the national market.

Dynamics, music, prizes and a lot of flavors were experienced at the 4th Festival de Asados. Definitely, a unique event of its kind. Remember that all our cuts can be found in our stores, Nuevo Carnic Boutique, Distrito Carnic Central and Distrito Carnic Carretera Sur.