Our reforestation program celebrates 5 years

On June 4th, we celebrated our V Reforestation Day, planting more than 600 plants of different species, such as mahogany and white Brazil. For this day, we had the support of 60 employees of our company. “As part of our Social Responsibility, in this case with the Environment, we have taken the initiative, born from the Environmental Department that we have in the company, to carry out reforestation days, and with this would be the fifth day, we have planted approximately 30 thousand trees, with the help of the employees themselves,” said Norman Blandón, Production Manager.

Five years after starting the Reforestation program, Nuevo Carnic intends to continue planting trees on its farms, now including new areas for live fences and windbreaks. In addition to the donation of trees to livestock suppliers and youth organizations.

Our 2022 environmental slogan is “Together for a green legacy” because our commitment is to work under a sustainable culture.