Reforestation day

Reforestation day

Nuevo Carnic promotes Sustainable Development through an environmental culture, so in 2020 the goal has been to reinforce the reforestation program, to reach more than 10,000 trees planted since 2017.

“This year we have planted species such as Brazil, Mahogany, Granadillo, autochthonous trees of the area. With these native species, the original landscape will be maintained and the care of other plant and animal species that inhabit this ecosystem will be ensured” says Eddy Rizo, Nuevo Carnic’s Environmental Manager.

«Taking care of nature is taking care of ourselves, today we sow life» has been the slogan of the third Reforestation Day, where 40 employees of the company supported the work of planting trees. Each planted tree is cared for under a surveillance program, we give to each tree enough water and fertilizer. Reforesting improves the microclimate of the area, protects the soil from erosion and recovers the habitat of fauna and flora.

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