Recycling program

Part of our sustainability program is the management of solid waste, the separation of cardboard, paper, rubber, scrap, plastic, electronic waste and glass. These wastes are first stored in a temporary warehouse and later removed by companies authorized for recycling by the Ministry of the Environment.

At the beginning of 2009, 80% of the waste generated by the company was sent to a sanitary landfill for final disposal. As part of our philosophy of continuous improvement we established a work plan to minimize the waste generated. One of the main axes was to create a culture of circular economy, through internal training, separation from the source, classification, records, innovation in processes and changes in suppliers. We achieved that only 9% of the waste is sent to the sanitary landfill, 70% is transformed into organic fertilizer and 21% is recycled, demonstrating a great advance in the management of waste, as well as a good environmental performance.

Managament of Hazardous waste - Polines
Managament of Hazardous waste - Cartones
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