Reforestation program

Since 2017, the company has adopted a commitment to reforestation to compensate for the impacts caused by the agricultural sector and to recover plant cover to increase carbon fixation. As part of the actions we have been working on improving the forest environment of cattle farms through reforestation plans and nursery establishments. In 3 years of reforestation the company has managed to plant more than 10,000 trees of species such as Brazil, Granadillo, Mahogany, Genizaro, Monk, etc.

The reforestation activity has been carried out in two ways, one is by donating the trees to the cattlemen and the other is by means of reforestation days with the collaborators of Nuevo Carnic, with the purpose also of promoting a culture of respect for nature. We will continue betting on these reforestation programs because we want to change the microclimate of the affected areas, recover the biodiversity, maintain a balance in the ecosystem and produce in harmony with nature.

Part of the sustainability program

Reforestation day
Reforestation Program - Nicaraguan beef
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