Solid waste management

Nuevo Carnic’s greater environmental commitment is reflected in the management of organic solid waste. We invested in a dream, an idea, a reality and that was to return some of the nitrogen from the pasture that feeds the cattle. For this purpose, more than 250 thousand dollars were invested in an establishment where manure is transformed into organic fertilizer. The first step was to make compost, then it was invested in an infrastructure and, finally, it was jumped to industrialize it to be able to opt for an international organic certificate. In addition, German and Japanese technology was introduced in order to improve the preparation of compost. There are also trained personnel and monitoring of the macro and micro elements of the compost in external laboratories. We produce two types of fertilizer (Bokashi and Nutritierra) and we guarantee the treatment of 100% of the organic solid waste generated by the company.

Part of our sustainability program.

Solid waste management - Nuevo Carnic
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