Our policies

Food safety management system (FSMS)

    Nuevo Carnic, S.A. is a company dedicated to the slaughter and butchering of cattle as well as the production and packaging of intact and non-intact (mechanically tenderized) meat products, whether refrigerated or frozen.

    Based on internal factors and external specifications related to food safety, Nuevo Carnic, S.A. is committed to establishing and reviewing its FSMS in order to provide meat products that guarantee compliance with applicable safety requirements, legal and regulatory requirements, and the requirements mutually agreed upon with the client. Our certified FSMS is designed to obtain client satisfaction with prerequisite programs and the relevant HACCP plan.

    We make sure internal and external communication with all parties involved is fluid and transparent in order to maintain the effectiveness of our FSMS.

    Senior management is committed to continuously maintaining and improving the FSMS, providing resources for preventing contamination, maintaining strict hygiene levels in the production process, and ensuring personnel have sufficient food safety competencies.

    Senior management is committed to reviewing our food safety policy at predetermined intervals to maintain the integrity of the FSMS.

    Environmental Sustainability Policy

    “The following policy sets forth the commitment that Nuevo Carnic, S.A. assumes to promote activities that foster sustainable development and respect for the environment. Consistent with our vision, mission and values, we aim to transform our company into an organization that keeps its facilities—along with the water, soil, and air—clean and pure.”

     We commit to:

    • Inform all of our partners on the company’s environmental sustainability policy and motivate them to follow it so that they can carry out their activities in an environmentally responsible way and ensure that our facilities are exemplars of orderliness and cleanliness.
    • Invite a culture of continual improvement and pollution prevention through frequent training.
    • Comply with applicable national environmental legislation as well as additional environmental requirements or regulations requested by national and international clients.
    • Support sustainable development initiatives, promote the sustainable use of resources, and adapt to and mitigate climate change. Minimize our water footprint and carbon footprint.
    • Intelligently manage all solid wastes generated by the company by implementing proper reuse, separation, classification, recycling, and landfill disposal initiatives.
    • Transform all organic solid waste into organic fertilizer in order to encourage agroecology and return nitrogen to Nicaraguan soil.
    • Treat all wastewater through a modern water treatment system to ensure compliance of effluent quality to legal regulations.
    • Keep a contingency plan for any factor that may pose a risk to the environment.

    Senior management is committed to leading this initiative by annually reviewing this policy and making necessary adjustments to the environmental sustainability management system.

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