The traceability system at Nuevo Carnic

The Bovine Traceability program is essential for the industry since with this it is possible to have control of each animal received, from its birth to slaughter; Nuevo Carnic established more than 4 decades ago a traceability system that allowed to know the origin of the cattle.

Since 2011, Nuevo Carnic has systematized Traceability with the support of the company’s Livestock Department, who are in charge of following up on the quality of the cattle received, in addition to monitoring the cattle with detailed knowledge of the area, farm (CUE), farmer (CUPA) and animal movements.

“As a beef processing plant, we have developed a software that allows us to keep the data of each cattle that we receive, with this we can identify its weight in carcass, sex, number of CUIA (ear tag) and origin of the animal. Each animal must have its official traceability ear tag, and with this we make sure that it complies with the regulations (NTON 11 026 10)”, explains María Mercedes Obando, from Nuevo Carnic’s Traceability area.

Nicaragua has been the country that has promoted Traceability the most in Central America, managing to identify the largest number of cattle and constantly training the country’s cattle producers.

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