Renewable Energy

At Nuevo Carnic we are working to reduce the impacts that contribute to climate change, we are focused on improving our carbon footprint. As part of our commitment, we invested $1.5 million to install a solar farm that generates 1.4 MW per day. We achieved an annual decrease in greenhouse gas emissions of 1291 tons of CO2 eq.

With this project the company replaces 20% of the use of conventional energy from non-renewable resources (oil). In addition to contributing to the fight against climate change, we are promoting the use of renewable and clean energy within the industrial sector in Nicaragua. In the future, a second stage of the solar park will be made to create a positive impact in Nicaragua, investing more in order to be able to replace up to 60% of the use of traditional energy in our slaughterhouse.

We have also migrated to more energy-efficient, low-consumption systems such as LED lighting and refrigeration with high-efficiency compressors, all focused on reducing our carbon footprint, contributing to our sustainability program.

On the other hand, we have a condensate gas recovery system, where we take advantage of 100% of the heat that comes out and later reincorporate it to the boilers, which has managed to reduce the consumption of bunker.

Renewable Energy
Parque solar - Nuevo Carnic
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