WasterWater Treatment Plant

At Nuevo Carnic we are highly committed to taking care of the country’s water resources, which is why we invested more than 2 million dollars to build a wastewater treatment plant in 2011, which guarantees the purification of all the wastewater coming from the production process. In 2020, we invested an additional 1.6 million dollars in the expansion of the plant, adding modern units with technology from Europe and Asia to be able to respond to the new requirements of environmental laws and guarantee compliance with the quality of the water to be discharged.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant has several units that guarantee the purification of the effluent. First, the water goes through a pre-treatment process that consists of a physical separation of solids and fats, then it goes to a biological treatment of anaerobic and aerobic processes that facilitate the degradation of organic matter, finally, it goes to a clarification and disinfection process, to be able to discharge the clean water, without damaging the environment, avoiding the contamination in our Xolotlán Lake in Managua, complying with the environmental legislation in Nicaragua.

The success of the treatment plant lies in our highly qualified personnel and a complete laboratory where various water analyses are performed to determine the efficiency of the removal of the units.

We are continuously working on programs that contribute to the preservation of our environment, which is why our treatment plant is part of the sustainability program.

Wastewater Treatment Plant
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